Npower Redeployment Process and Portal 2022

Npower Redeployment 2022 – We have received a lot of questions like “is redeployment possible in npower”? How long does npower redeployment take and so many other questions.

Today, we will try as much as we can to explain everything you need to know about redeploying from one state to another state in the npower programme.

If you are having issues with your redeployment, I will also give you a guide on how to change from your PPA (Place of primary assignment) to another. You only need to take your time and read up to get all the gist.

Why you may want a redeployment or change of PPA

There are so many reasons you may want to redeploy from one state to another state or change your place of primary assignment (PPA). Some of the reasons are:

  1. You relocated to another state: it will not be possible for you to work from your current state, so you may need to redeploy.
  2. Your PPA is far from your residential address
  3. You do not like where you are posted

Any of the reasons listed above may be the reason you want to relocate. There are procedures you need to follow if you want to redeploy from one state to another; there is another procedure you need to follow if you want to change PPA.

Is redeployment possible in npower?

Yes, it is possible to get redeployed from your state of PPA to another state if you there is need to. In that case, you will need to follow a set out guideline and apply for redeployment.

If your redeployment is successful, you will receive npower redeployment letter and you will be re-posted to a different PPA. If your application is rejected, you may need to find the root cause and tackle it.

How to apply for Npower Redeployment 2022

All redeployment requests to different state of residence should please send an email to stating the reason(s) for redeployment and attach supporting documents where necessary.

Redeployment to change PPA within state of residence should follow the instruction below;

Login to npower redeployment portal and click on “redeployment”

Click on “see the available PPAs”.

Click on “apply for redeployment”

Provide redeployment information required.

Select a preferred Place of Primary Assignment from the list provided

Click “Submit Request”

How to check Npower redeployment Status 2022

Within 48 hours of applying for redeployment, the management of npower will contact you via email or sms and let you know the status of your application.

If you are not contacted within 48 hours, please contact customer care.

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