Npower Deployment Posting Letter 2022 – Download on the Portal

Npower Deployment Posting Letter 2022 – Download on the Portal

Learn how to upload npower posting letter successfully here. You have been informed to download or collect your posting letter and stamp it in your PPA.

If you have done so, you will now have to upload it to the npower portal to successfully complete all the procedure involved in npower recruitment.

What is npower posting letter?

It is also known as appointment letter or deployment letter. It is a letter that shows that you have been successfully enrolled in the federal government social investment programme.

Npower deployment letter contains some vital information like place of primary assignment, your chosen npower programme e.g. n-teach and other things that show that you are now an npower volunteer.

Uploading npower posting letter is compulsory for all the batch c beneficiaries. If you fail to upload yours, you will stand a chance of losing your monthly stipend.

Check this: npower posting list

The posting/deployment letter is for those in the following categories.

  • Npower vaid/tax
  • Npower health
  • Npower build
  • Npower teach and
  • Npower agro

The above categories are graduate categories. If you applied as a non-graduate, you will have to get further information here.

How to Download Npower Posting Letter?

You can download npower posting letter online or collect it from the focal person of your state of origin.

In the case that you would like to print it online, visit

Once you have your letter, proceed to your PPA to get it signed and stamped. This shows that you have reported for work. Once stamped, follow the step below to upload it.

How to Upload Npower Posting Letter 2022

Npower Posting Letter will be uploaded at npvn npower gov profile

Login with your email and password to access your account and get ready to upload.

If you encounter any problem uploading your posting letter, click here.

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