Npower Deployment Letter Uploading Error & Solution 2017/2018

Npower Deployment Letter Uploading Error – Are you having issues uploading your deployment/posting letter to npvn portal? If so, then you have reached the solution room.

Npower applicants whose name appears in the complete posting list were instructed to upload the letter of confirmation to their profile.

The letter was said to be signed and stamped at their various place of primary assignment (PPA). To that end, many people started the process of uploading their letters.

Some are having issues while others are finding it difficult to upload the deployment letter. If you are in this category, relax because we have put this guide together to help you. Whatever error you are having when you try to upload your deployment letter will be trashed here.

It is important to upload npower deployment letter to the portal to avoid monthly salary payment issues. Those who did not upload it will not be paid once 2017 monthly stipend payment commences.

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To start the upload process, one needs to visit profile for 2016, 2017 or 2018 and login to your dashboard.

Below is a detailed guide on how to upload npower deployment letter and how to solve any problem while uploading it.

How to Upload N-power Letter of Confirmation

To upload your deployment letter on npower portal, you must first download it. Download npower deployment letter.

Then take it to the nearest npower office (NOA) of your state and get it signed and stamped. Once you are through with the above process, you can now upload it to the npvn portal.

Visit profile

Login with your email address and password. You can use your phone number and password if you don’t want to use your email to login.

Once you are logged, navigate to the upload option and click to select the file from your phone or computer.

How to Solve issues of  Npower Deployment Letter Uploading Error or Unsuccessful Upload

If you have been trying to upload but getting unsuccessful after sometimes, here is what you are going to do to upload successfully.

  1. Make sure you are uploading a file not bigger than 800kb
  2. Upload letter with double stamp and signature
  3. Try a different browser or use puffin browser
  4. Make sure you have enough data balance to complete the upload
  5. Npower Deployment Letter Uploading Error and Solution

If the problem still persists, then you will have to visit npower twitter handle to complain about the issue and get a solution.

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