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npvn npower login portal page

Here is the official login page of the npower volunteers network. There are many reasons you may wish to login to your account, we are going to find out more.

When you login to the portal, you will be able to check shortlisted candidates, update profile 2019, edit and correct bvn, onboard, check deployment status, print deployment letter, select npower device and many more.

If the above is your reason for login to the portal, then you are in the right place.

Everything is done online on the official login page, to that end, you must have a browsing phone or computer with full data subscription to proceed.

You will learn how to login here. You are required to get your login details ready before proceeding to the portal.

You are advised not to disclose your login details to anybody to avoid hijacking your npower account. Keep your details safe and personal all the time.

Should you forget your login details, recover them here.


After going through this login guide, you must have gained much knowledge of what you need to access npvn profile.

You can login to the portal instantly by going to portal.npower.gov.ng/login

Only those under the following npower category will be able to login to npower portal. This is because there is no other existing programme aside from the ones below.

  • N-power Teach
  • N-power Health
  • N-power Tax/Vaid
  • N-power Agro
  • N-power Build
  • N-power Tech (Software and Hardware)
  • Npower Creative

Since no other programme exists aside from the ones above, you can choose from the ones available and access your profile.

If you have any issue with npower login portal, do let us know via the contact us or send an email to volunteersuport@npvn.ng.

Login together to access digital contents and learning materials provided free to all npower volunteers.

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  1. Ejim ogechukwu judithAugust 23, 2019

    Please help me to access my profile .


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