Npower Change of PPA – Apply and Change your Place of Primary Assignment

Npower Change of PPA – This information is for those who wish to change their Place of Primary Assignment.

What is PPA? This simply means a place of primary assignment. All npower beneficiaries will be deployed to their place of primary assignment.

This is usually located in their state. Those who applied for n-teach will be deployed as assistant teachers in primary or secondary school, those who applied for n-health will be deployed to hospitals and primary health centers.

It’s like that for other npower programmes. Now, the problem is that many do make mistake during the application stage and choose the state where they reside instead of their state of origin.

If you want to change your PPA to either our state of origin or your state of residence, you can do that using the guide below.

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They are many proven reasons why you would want to change your PPA. Maybe you are residing in a different state from where you are posted or you chose the wrong state during the application time.

Whichever one it is, you can use the simple procedure here to correct any error in your place of primary assignment.


Change of PPA is free. You do not have to pay anyone to help you and change your place of primary assignment. If you find it difficult, kindly visit the national orientation agency in your state to get it rectified.

How to Change Npower PPA

You can do it yourself following the guide specified here. You must login to your dashboard with your login credentials.

Head over to

Login form will be displayed. Enter all the required information to access your profile area (account).

Now that you are logged in, you need to locate the profile edit option.

You will be able to edit your profile and change all the wrong details that you have entered by mistake or want to change.

Save it when done and log out.

You have successfully changed your npower PPA, enjoy.

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